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A pioneer technology blog

>skip intro was great fun. So much great fun that this site includes it all in its archives.

Born in the year 2000 as “Web Zine di informazione e cultura della Rete” (Web Zine of information and ‘net culture), >skip intro was the first web project I did for my self after many years spent making and maintaining websites for others.

A bit of history

This is how it used to look like when it launched: besides being a blog, it featured a chat, an aggregator, a newsletter, a radio, an ad exchange network, a downloadable widget, two mobile version one for the WAP system and one for AvantGo. Over the years it lost many of these extra features and it transitioned from collective webzine to personal blog.

Many friends

Through >skip intro I was able to get in contact with great people like Davide Lombardi, buio, Lorenzo aka lulop and many others. The site even used to have “contributing writers”. For a short period of time the site was made even more popular by a service called >skip pop: a popularity analyzer of the Italian blogosphere.

At one point >skip and all of its services became a major time hog. After some slow update time the blog was officially “archived” in October of 2006.

>skip intro lives on as part of the archives of La Fabbrica della Realtà.

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