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What is Presentation Hero?

PRESENTATION HERO is a blueprint to rescue your content, liberate your ideas, conquer your audience, defeat boredom and ultimately save your peers from bad presentations with tips and techniques that mix old wisdom with the best practices of presentation design.
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PRESENTATION HERO is a presentation skills training course that will teach you how to structure, design and deliver an excellent presentation.

Presentation Hero Journey Diagram

I have adapted Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” to the world of presentation in a novel way: I wanted to add more depth to the story elements, explain why they make complete sense in any business setting and bring together my experience not only as a presenter, communication coach and presentation designer, but also as a passionate reader, professional story and movie script analyst, movie enthusiast and even amateur tarot reader.

Care to join in this travel? Some of my videos will be released free on the web, but others will be released only to those subscribed to my email list.

Matteo Cassese

I am Matteo Cassese, an interactive consultant and an entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology. I am happy to provide my expertise to startups, individuals, organisations and companies to grow business opportunities together, develop products, deliver workshops and provide my consulting services.

I am deeply in love with presentations, even bad ones and I have been analyzing presentations for the past 10 years. Now I have decided to share what I have learned with you. I hope this becomes a discussion among us and that you provide as much feedback as you can.

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I look forward to the journey together to get much better at imagining, structuring, designing and delivering presentations. It may seem to you that presentations are not part of your job description. In my opinion anyone in business should have great presentation skills.

Imagine if all your colleagues used your time in a better way, informed you in a richer way, using a more coherent structure. Imagine also that in the process they could entertain you. This type of communication internal to organizations can be achieved with Presentation Hero.

Imagine if all the speakers at your next conferences were able to engage, entertain while providing rich insight and a meaningful change in your view on an important topic. All of this is totally possible. And it doesn't require a lot of your time either.

The time it takes to make a bad presentation is the same it takes to do a much better one. Presentation Hero is not about adding complexity to presentations, but provides simple, easy to apply guidelines.

The cool thing is that you can decide which guidelines you like to follow and which ones you won't follow. No blueprint works for 100% of presentations and my tips don't need to be applied all at the same time. You can pick and choose, discuss the validity of the tips to your specific type of presentations and share with everyone your recipe for success.

I have started this series as videos because I have seen so many stiff, boring and obvious presentation advice videos on YouTube, made by traditional public speaking coaches. Presentation Hero is more than public speaking. As a matter of fact I think that you are already an excellent speaker, because you have your own personality. And you will need just some direction to have better structure, better design and a better delivery.

I don't relate to those motivational speakers that want to convince you that with their method you will be able to become more persuasive sales people and become rich quickly. I am all for being persuasive and for the most luscious distribution of wealth: but I think that each and every one person is different and that if everyone has one single style of presenting we will bore each other to death.

This is why I want you to be unique, and want to influence you with practical tips rather than change the way you are perceived by your audience. PRESENTATION HERO can be applied to any presentation: how? There are many recipes to how you can apply those principles and I will go in the details with the email list subscribers.

All of the core tips I will also share publicly on the blog. So only if you are interested in more in depth advice, if you want to interact with me and want access to longer content I suggest you to subscribe to the mailing list. I believe in openness and will try to share my knowledge with the widest possible audience always.

But by subscribing to this list you will also participate in another kind of value creating experiment. While the whole PRESENTATION HERO theory will always be available for free, I am starting to develop some specific products that may not be distributed for free. But I don't think that this blueprint can be of any value if it's not adopted as widely as possible, this is why I want you to have the fullest advantage of PRESENTATION HERO for free, and even if you don't subscribe.

This is what I call radical openness: since I can give you this gift, then I absolutely should give it to you. If you want more, you know what to do:

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