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Presenting is not easy

Presenting is not easy. Some people are born with better skills than others and are natural extroverts. But even extroverted individuals can get stuck when it comes to presentations.

Presentations have many purposes. You may be presenting some new data or new information, your goal might be to market a new product or to start a sales conversation. Presentations are used every day in education, by teachers and trainers. Some presentations talk about what does not yet exist and pitch a new product or idea. Other presentations have the only objective of inspiring and motivating audiences.

One Blueprint, Every Presentation

What if I told you that PRESENTATION HERO will teach you the blueprint to structure any and all of these presentations? What if I added that you will learn how to design your slides for maximum effectiveness? And what if I continued saying that you will know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to delivering with confidence?

These are all real, tangible benefits that you can gain by following PRESENTATION HERO. But it doesn't stop there: I will show you how to be more time efficient, making your presentations shorter and more effective. But I will also cut in half the time you spend in front of PowerPoint (or any other presentation software) and increase your presentation productivity.

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The Power Of A Presentation

Every time you give a presentation effectively you have the chance to better your reputation, increase the value of your personal brand. And this can translate in direct benefits for your business or for your career.

Every presentation that you avoid, or at which you perform in a less than optimal manner, are a lost opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

But oftentimes we either avoid presentations all together, or fail because we did not have the time, the resources, the right tools.

What I want to tell you is: once you have a method the access to tools and resources will not count. Once you have a powerful blueprint to support you, then you'll have all you need to create great presentations.

All the Tools

I am very serious. It doesn't matter if you use Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. It does not matter if you use Prezi, if you have access to stock photos or to a designer. What matters the most is the amount of clarity you have over the core objective of your presentation, how you use this core objective to inform the structure of your presentation and how you use a storytelling foundation for each and every presentation.

Don't mistake storytelling for "telling stories". Anectodes may be cool, but I am talking about something way more powerful here. Storytelling is our tool to let our audiences inside our material, to help them follow our presentations. To drag them into our content.

Storytelling is everywhere. It's not only in movies and theater plays. It's in newspaper ads, in 15 seconds TV spots, in sports events, in the news. Storytelling is the main way we digest data, information, new concepts, ideas.

Once you know how to storytell, you will be unstoppable.

That's what you will get for free!

PRESENTATION HERO is a blueprint to rescue your content, liberate your ideas, conquer your audience, defeat boredom and ultimately save your peers from bad presentations with tips and techniques that mix old wisdom with the best practices of presentation design.
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