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mmthumHello, my name is Matteo Cassese, I'm a consultant and entrepreneur. In 2011 I founded La Fabbrica della Realtà, an innovation laboratory centered around people and ideas.
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Become more American while staying European. My 2 cent for Campus Party #Entrepreneurship #I4DA

Retype Europe's Source CodeMy 2 Cent on the call for ideas on #Entrepreneurship from Campus Party.

Become more American by staying European at the same time:

+++ import the innovation culture of the USA that allows you to access resources, fail fast and often without judgment, be evaluated for your ideas and not only for your past curriculum.

+++ nurture the european way of slow creativity and the “thought model” of the old continent that is more conscious of space and time, of history, society and health

Campus Party is coming to Berlin this August from the 21st to the 26th in my beloved Tempelhof former airport park.